Hiring Personal Home Care When Only One Spouse Needs Help

26 August 2022
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When one partner in a marriage starts needing help in the home, the best course of action isn't always clear. Often, one spouse begins to require assistance before the other. When this happens, it doesn't mean they need to sell the house and move into assisted living. Instead, consider hiring a personal home care service to help with the day-to-day needs of caretaking. Doing so can provide the following benefits.

Taking Pressure Off the Other Spouse

Even with good health and the best intentions, caring for an elderly spouse takes a lot of time and energy. The caretaking spouse must handle chores, bills, medical needs, and more, and the work is constant. If that spouse is also dealing with health issues, the quality of life for both can slip quickly. Assisted home care takes this burden off the healthier spouse's shoulders, allowing the couple to enjoy their time together again.

Providing Rapid Emergency Care

Hiring a professional in-home caregiver also means that elderly couples receive medical care as soon as they need it. If, for example, one spouse suffers from dementia and the other has a medical emergency, the spouse with dementia may not be able to call for help in time. Assisted home care protects the health and well-being of both partners, even if one doesn't need daily support.

Meeting Transportation Needs

Similarly, transportation becomes a more pressing issue as both members of a marriage age. Routine grocery shopping trips and doctor visits grow difficult when driving is a physical challenge. If the caregiving spouse loses his or her license, both partners could end up reliant on family members for rides. Assisted care may provide a more reliable form of transportation and home deliveries as needed.

Catching Signs of Early Dementia

Too often, one or both partners in a marriage begin to show signs of dementia without receiving proper care. If left undiagnosed, this sometimes leads to accidents or a partner getting lost away from the house. In-home caregivers can be trained to recognize the early signs of dementia and can recommend seeking treatment to slow its progression.

Giving Family Peace of Mind

Taking care of an elderly loved one isn't just stressful for his or her spouse. Other family members frequently drop parts of their lives to ensure their loved ones are secure and comfortable. By hiring a professional to fill this role, a family can resume their normal lives without feeling guilty or anxious. With a little help, you and your family can find the perfect balance between independence and assistance moving forward.

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