The Advantages Of Hiring A Home Health Care Service For A Disabled Relative

20 April 2021
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Home health care services make an enormous positive difference for disabled people. These individuals can continue living at home and begin experiencing an improved quality of life. Their families are grateful for the service, knowing their loved ones are safe. Family members no longer worry about this person being alone for several hours when no relatives or friends can be there.

A Range of Services

Disabled individuals and their families can choose from a range of at-home health services. Some only need a companion to engage in conversation and handle some household chores. Others benefit from having a personal care aide or certified nurse assistant visit. The duties of these workers overlap to a large extent. However, nurse assistants and personal aides do more tasks provided in a nursing home or hospital.


The home care agency discusses the client's needs with the individual and the family, creating a plan for workers who visit. A home companion might make lunch and eat with the client, for instance. The two could play a board game or cards. They might watch TV while discussing news, sports, and other interests. If the disabled person has enough mobility, the two could take rides and run errands together. 

Home care workers check blood pressure and heart rate, help with bathing and grooming, and monitor medication intake. If the client needs help in the bathroom, this is provided with discretion and compassion. 

Preventing Burnout

One of the most important effects of these services is preventing burnout among family caregivers. When relatives manage everything required for a loved one's care, they can eventually become emotionally and physically exhausted.

The risk of chronic anxiety, depression, and substance abuse increases significantly when family caregivers insist on shouldering all of the responsibility. They feel guilty about doing something fun with friends. That can lead to a sense of resentment toward the disabled relative. Now the family caregiver feels ashamed as well.

The disabled person, even when struggling with dementia, can sense the relative's negative emotions. All of this can lead to difficulties in the relationship.

Improving the Relationship

With outside assistance, the relationship with the disabled parent improves significantly. They enjoy their time together without focusing on washing bed linens and other tasks. Having a companion or personal care aide help with bathing and other private activity lets the disabled person avoid feeling embarrassed about needing a relative to assist. 

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