Caring for Your Elderly Parents: Exploring Senior Care Options

4 June 2015
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With more and more people living longer, many individuals are now finding themselves faced with taking care of their elderly parents. The problem is, it can be very difficult to meet all of the needs of an aging parent while still tending to all of the other responsibilities in your own life. Thankfully, there are several senior care options that can help you to accomplish this task. Below you will learn more about the pros and cons associated with a few of these options so that you can decide for yourself which senior care option is right for the needs of your elderly parents.

In-Home Care

In-home care provides the perfect solution for many people who are struggling to care for their elderly parents. This is because in-home care allows the senior to remain in their own home or the home of a family member while still getting the assistance they need to complete daily tasks. For instance, an in-home aide can provide assistance with bathing, dressing, and administering medication.

In-home care services also provide a very flexible schedule. While some people will receive these services just a few times a week, others will receive round the clock care. With the ability to choose the times and days that services are required, you can be sure that there is always someone there for your elderly parents when you are not available to provide care yourself.

While these senior care services will prove beneficial for many people, they will not be right for everyone. For example, seniors who require extensive medical care will likely fail to benefit from the use of in-home care since home care aides receive very limited medical training and will therefore be unable to provide intense medical care.

Nursing Homes

If remaining at home simply is not an option for your elderly parents, you may wish to consider the services of a nursing home in your area. Unlike home care services, these residential facilities are capable of providing round the clock medical care thanks to the fact that they are staffed by certified medical personnel, such as registered nurses and physicians assistants.

The high level of care provided by nursing homes like Devoted Guardians is also ideal for seniors who are recovering from a serious illness or injury. For many of these seniors, their stay in a nursing home will be temporary until they are well enough to benefit from a lower level of care.