Why A Home Care Nurse Is Helpful For A Senior Parent With Stroke Paralysis

27 May 2015
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Do you have to check on your senior parent everyday because he or she is suffering from stroke paralysis? If you need assistance caring for your parent, you may want to speak to him or her about hiring an at-home nurse to assist with daily activities. Find out below what an at-home nurse can do for a senior parent with stroke symptoms, as well as how to afford these services.

How Can a Home-Care Nurse Help My Parent with Stroke Paralysis?

The great thing about a home-care nurse is that your parent can receive as little or much help as needed. For instance, the nurse can fully bathe your parent, or can simply assist with getting in and out of the bathtub. If the stroke left your parent with restricted movement in his or her limbs, even something as minor as getting up from a chair can be hard. The nurse can tend to your parent all day if the service is needed.

The nurse can also cook customized light meals. If your parent had a stroke because his or her blood pressure rose too high, the nurse will make sure to prepare meals with low sodium. He or she may also incorporate garlic into the meals to help keep the blood pressure levels down. However, it will be up to your parent to choose whether he or she will eat healthy or not.

Some of the other services that you can expect your parent to receive include the following:

  • Light cleaning
  • Errand running
  • Leisure activities
  • Prescription filling
  • Exercising paralyzed limbs
  • Rides to and from medical clinics

How Can I Afford Home-Care Nurse Services?

If your senior parent is short on money and you can't afford to pay for a home care nurse, you can assist him or her with signing up for Medicare benefits. Getting approved for benefits will depend on how much income your parent has, as well as whether or not the stroke symptoms can be proven. Simply take your parent's pay stubs and medical records to the social services office when he or she applies.

You can continue checking on your senior parent as often as you desire after a home care nurse steps in. Contact a professional home care service company like In Your Home Care, and make sure your parent is taken care of when you are tending to your own life by helping him or her hire a home care nurse.