Depression In The Elderly: How You Can Help

5 October 2016
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As your loved ones grow older, the risk of depression becomes greater. There is an unfortunate lack of therapists dedicated solely to senior care, which can be problematic. In addition, seniors also avoid seeking care for depression as they feel it can be a burden on the family. This is why it is so crucial that you pay attention to symptoms of depression so that you can tackle the problem head on. Read More 

Five Tips For Saving Money When You Are Caring For An Elder Relative Or Loved One

8 January 2016
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Caring for an elder relative who can no longer care for themselves can be a loving and rewarding way to spend your time, but it can also be hard and expensive. Want to shave some of the costs down? Take a look at these ideas: 1. Explore the caregiver tax credit. If your loved one is mostly or completely reliant on you and he or she earns less than $3,950 annually, as of 2014, you may be able to claim him or her as a dependent on your return. Read More